Who we are?

Organic Earth is an all inclusive 100% certified Organic food brand based out of Kolkata, India. Our MAKE IN INDIA initiative aims at promoting the primitive methods of cultivation, and the philosophy of organic and sustainable lifestyle. We envision to preserve the natural taste, by growing and processing food in an organic and traditional manner.

We at Organic Earth believe in the policy of Farm To Fork, which signifies that food as produced in the farms should be served as it is on a plate without any adulteration. To promote sustainable living through healthy eating we stand by our motto “Pure for Sure”.

Our products are produced and processed in an organic environment, hence depleting the harmful elements present in our regular food, which do more harm than good to us. Our produce is neither polished nor adulterated and with no added color or flavor, they maintain their nutritional and natural quotient.

We are a one stop shop for organic produce for end users, by delivering consistent quality through fair trade practices by not only providing private label branding for our own brand “Organik Earth” but also helping our partners with bulk procurement and retail.

Our Mission

To make healthy food a lifestyle not a choice by helping people live a healthier and wholesome life, by providing them with 100% certified organic food products. Together lets make the world a healthier place!

Our Vision

Our belief that What Is Good For Nature Is Good For You is the driving force behind our vision to create awareness about the benefits of organic food. In doing so we not only aspire to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle but also maintain an ecological balance thereby taking you back to your roots and preventing large growing incidents of crop adulteration and fatal diseases transmitted vide non organic food.

Numbers Speak

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